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Molecular organization of the rat glia-derived nexin/protease nexin-1 promoter.

The first three exons and the promoter of rat glia-derived nexin, also called protease nexin-1 (GDN/PN-1), have been identified through analysis of rat genomic clones. A 1.6 kilobase (kb) fragment containing 105 base pairs of the first exon and 5'-flanking sequences was sequenced. The 5'-flanking sequence and the first exon were found to be GC-rich, indicating that the 5' region of the rat GDN/PN-1 gene resides within a CpG island. A TATA box-like sequence, but no CAAT box, was found. The rat GDN/PN-1 promoter contains five SP1 consensus sites, four consensus sites for the MyoD1 transcription factor, and one binding site for the transcription factors NGFI-A, NGFI-C, Krox-20, and Wilms tumor factor. The presence of these consensus sequences is consistent with the known expression pattern of GDN/PN-1. Primer extension and RNase protection assays identified one transcriptional start site. The 1.6 kb promoter fragment cloned in a reporter plasmid was found to induce firefly luciferase expression in a cell-specific manner. A positive regulatory element is localized in the region -1545 to -389. In vitro CpG methylation blocked transcription from the GDN/PN-1 promoter in rat hepatoma cells but not in C6 rat glioma cells.[1]


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