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Nonculture methods for diagnosis of disseminated candidiasis.

Two of the nonculture approaches to the diagnosis of DC, enzymatic-fluorometric determination of serum D-arabinitol and detection of marker antigens in antigenemia (enolase and CWMP), have been commercialized and have shown promise in limited clinical trials. These approaches are not new but are the culmination of efforts made over 10 or more years. Clearly, further fine-tuning of both metabolite and antigen detection is needed to simplify the methods and to improve their sensitivity and specificity so that they will be valuable in guiding clinical treatment decisions. An alternative approach, detection of DC by DNA amplification methods such as PCR, is a special case of a compelling technology and one that is capable of standardization across microbial genera. The availability of simplified PCR diagnostic methods for DC remains a tantalizing prospect. Nevertheless, the development of methods to release DNA from very small numbers of Candida organisms in the blood in a form that is sufficiently free of inhibitors of PCR will require further intensive effort. The maturation of these converging laboratory approaches to nonculture diagnosis of DC leads to more optimism about the eventual use of these methods in clinical laboratories.[1]


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