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Ionic composition of cisternal CSF in acute respiratory acidosis: lack of effect of large dose bumetanide.

Sodium/chloride cotransport carrier is known to be involved in transepithelial fluid absorption and secretion in various tissues. Recent studies indicate that Na,K,2Cl cotransport carrier also exists in the choroid plexus cells and inhibition of the carrier alters ionic composition of the choroidal tissue. In this study, we report the effects of large dose intravenous bumetanide, a potent inhibitor of Na,K,2Cl carrier, on cisternal CSF ionic composition in acute respiratory acidosis in pentobarbital-anesthetized mechanically ventilated dogs. Renal pedicles were ligated to prevent bumetanide-induced diuresis. The experimental group (Group II, n = 7) received 50 mg/kg of bumetanide intravenously and Group I (the control group, n = 7) received the vehicle. Analysis of serum and choroidal plexus tissue revealed bumetanide concentration of approximately 10(-5) mol/L in Group II. During 5 h of acute respiratory acidosis in both groups, the mean PaCO2 increased approximately 25 mm Hg, with comparable changes in CSF PCO2. In both groups, CSF [HCO3-] and [H+] increased approximately 3 mEq/L and 20 nEq/L, respectively. Furthermore, changes in CSF [Na+], [K+], [Ca2+], [Mg2+], [Cl-], and [Na(+)-Cl-] were also similar and were not significantly different from each other. These data show that bumetanide, at the dose that inhibits NaCl cotransport carrier, does not significantly affect ionic composition of cisternal CSF.[1]


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