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Age-related changes in Ca2+ channel antagonist receptors in rabbit lower urinary tract.

(+)-[3H]PN 200-110 and [3H]nitrendipine binding sites were studied in 1 day, 6 week, 6 month and 4.5-5 year rabbit urethra, bladder base and bladder dome. In all age groups, the density of these Ca2+ channel antagonist binding sites was significantly greater in the urethra than in the bladder base or bladder dome, except that the density of [3H]nitrendipine binding sites in the 1 day rabbit was similar in all three regions. In the urethra the maximum number of binding sites for (+)-[3H]PN 200-110 was twice that for [3H]nitrendipine. In the bladder base and bladder dome both Ca2+ channel antagonists labelled a similar number of binding sites. For both ligands, the Bmax values for the Ca2+ channel antagonists in the urethra increased from 1 day to 6 weeks and then decreased. In the bladder base and dome, however, the receptor density decreased gradually or was unchanged with aging. The pharmacological profiles of these binding sites in 1 day and 6 month urethra and bladder dome showed K1 values with the following rank order: nitrendipine < niguldipine < BAY K 8644. These data demonstrate the presence of regional- and age-dependent changes in the density of Ca2+ channel antagonist binding sites in the lower urinary tract of the rabbit.[1]


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