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End-to-end anastomosis of the jejunum by use of a biofragmentable anastomosis ring in a calf.

A radiopaque biofragmentable anastomosis ring was used for end-to-end anastomosis in a 3-month-old calf with a nonreducible umbilical hernia and partial small intestinal obstruction. Recovery was normal, and the ring degraded to several small fragments that passed in the feces between days 18 and 26 after surgery. The calf had normal weight gain; thus, it was slaughtered 9 months after surgery. Adhesions were found to involve 60% of the circumference of the intestine at the site of anastomosis. At histologic examination, the muscular layers were bridged by fibrous tissue. Double-contrast radiography revealed that the luminal diameter at the site of anastomosis corresponded exactly to the ID of the biofragmentable anastomosis ring. This was 69% smaller than the ID of healthy small intestine, because the normal intestine had grown substantially during the 9 months after surgery.[1]


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