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Hernia, Umbilical

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  • Letter: Maternal alpha-fetoprotein and fetal exomphalos [7].
  • Mice homozygous for the calreticulin gene disruption developed omphalocele (failure of absorption of the umbilical hernia) and showed a marked decrease in ventricular wall thickness and deep intertrabecular recesses in the ventricular walls [8].
  • Twenty-five percent had exencephaly and 19% had omphalocele (normal frequencies, < 1%), indicating high frequencies of midline defects, particularly in cranial neurulation [9].
  • We have observed numerous aberrations in Bent tail embryos including exencephaly, rotation defects and occasionally omphalocele, orofacial schisis and situs abnormalities [10].
  • This showed a significantly higher frequency of exomphalos in the CDKN1C mutation cases (11/13) than in patients with an imprinting centre defect (associated with biallelic IGF2 expression and H19 silencing) (0/5, p<0.005) or patients with uniparental disomy (0/9, p<0.005) [11].

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