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The oral status of elderly removable partial denture wearers.

A random sample of 1019 elderly home dwelling persons participated in this study. There were 809 dentate respondents, 28.6% of whom wore removable partial dentures. They were examined for coronal and root caries, gingival recession, pocket depth and loss of gingival attachment. The removable partial dentures were also evaluated. Abutment teeth were found to be more likely to have caries and periodontal disease than all other teeth. Using a MANOVA statistical procedure, the analysis indicated that the partial denture itself, irrespective of any professionally determined problems with the denture, appears to affect coronal and root caries on the teeth of partial denture wearers. Partial dentures judged to need repair or adjustment were related to periodontal status. The data on adverse effects of partial dentures suggest a need for patient education by the dentist and through public health measures, and good oral self care and regular professional recall for people who wear removable partial dentures.[1]


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