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Patient Education

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  • STUDY DESIGN: Under this new program, labeled ISIS (Identify, Screen, Intervene, Support), we educated our new obstetric patients and clinic staff about postpartum depression through patient education classes, departmental lectures, and handouts [21].
  • Intensified functional insulin therapy (FIT) helps to establish this goal by an intensive patient education: each patient learns in five small-group sessions how s/he reacts to standardized challenges of glucose homeostasis (e.g. 24 h fasting; physical exercise; various carbohydrate loads) [22].
  • Members of the patient-education divisions of the Michigan Society of Healthcare Education and Training and the Great Lakes Chapter of the Society of Public Health Education drafted a model job description and related competencies, using representative position descriptions and a role delineation project as a basis [23].
  • Initial treatment of TMD requires relatively simple modalities, such as patient education, adherence to a soft diet, reducing oral habits, self-directed home physical therapy, muscle relaxation, the use of medication, and the proper use of bite plates [24].
  • Many of the factors responsible for the delays appear to be preventable by better patient education and counselling, doctors having sharper clinical acumen and skills in NPC diagnosis and the hospital administration having a system of tracking down high risk patients who default [25].

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