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Effects of acute and chronic acetazolamide on resting ventilation and ventilatory responses in men.

The effects of acetazolamide (ACTZ) on ventilatory control are thought to be mediated by metabolic acidosis. However, carbonic anhydrase ( CA) inhibition within brain and chemoreceptors and tissue respiratory acidosis may also be important. We compared the acute effects of ACTZ (tissue respiratory acidosis and tissue CA inhibition without metabolic acidosis) on ventilation and ventilatory control with chronic ACTZ (acute effects plus metabolic acidosis). Five men were studied 1 h after 500 mg iv ACTZ or 0.9% saline (acute effects) and also after three doses of ACTZ (500 mg po every 6 h; chronic effects). Minute ventilation (VE), steady-state hypercapnic ventilatory response (HCVR), and hypoxic ventilatory response (HVR) were measured with respiratory inductance plethysmography. Resting VE was increased equally by acute and chronic ACTZ. HCVR increased with chronic ACTZ in hyperoxia and even further in hypoxia. In contrast, acute ACTZ had no effect on the HCVR slope in hyperoxia and suppressed its augmentation by hypoxia. HVR was fully suppressed by acute ACTZ but unchanged with chronic ACTZ. ACTZ also slowed the rate of full ventilatory response to CO2. These findings show that CA inhibitors affect ventilatory control in a complex fashion, not only through changes in systemic acid-base balance but also by central and peripheral chemoreceptor inhibition.[1]


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