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Relative efficiency of Phyllanthus emblica fruit extract and ascorbic acid in modifying lead and aluminium-induced sister-chromatid exchanges in mouse bone marrow.

The identification of desmutagens and bioantimutagens in plants has prompted the search for additional plant extracts capable of modifying adverse cellular effects of environmental toxicants. The protective action of crude extracts of Phyllanthus emblica fruits (PFE) against lead (Pb) and aluminium (Al)-induced sister chromatid exchanges (SCEs) was studied in bone marrow cells of Mus musculus. The modifying effect of the crude extract was compared with that of comparable amounts of synthetic ascorbic acid (AA), a major component of the fruits. Oral administration of PFE or AA for 7 consecutive days before exposure of mice to the metals by intraperitoneal injections reduced the frequencies of SCEs induced by both metals. PFE afforded a more pronounced protective effect than AA in counteracting the genotoxicity induced by both Al and Pb: This difference was significant with Pb. The higher protection afforded by PFE may be attributed to the interaction of AA with other natural ingredients present in the crude fruit extract.[1]


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