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Experience with NORPLANT in Egypt.

Experience with the contraceptive NORPLANT in Egypt dates back to early 1980 when the first multicentre trial was initiated. To date, more than 3000 women have received this contraceptive at the Assiut University Family Clinic alone. Analysis of the overall experience in this clinic has indicated a 5-year cumulative continuation rate of 51 and a pregnancy rate of 1.8 per 100 women. Clinical pharmacology studies pertaining to the safety of NORPLANT in our community have indicated no deleterious effect on the lipid profile, liver functions and blood coagulation system. Two studies conducted in Egypt have indicated that the initiation of NORPLANT use shortly after delivery does not have any unfavourable effect on lactational performance, or on physical or psychomotor development of the breast-fed infants. This is particularly important in Arab and Moslem cultures where prolonged breast-feeding is emphasized. A study utilizing focus-group discussion to assess users' attitudes to NORPLANT has indicated the need to improve the informational/educational package given in the service by emphasizing certain cultural considerations. On the whole, this first implant method has proven to be safe and acceptable in Egypt, where there is a special need for long-term methods for contraception, particularly as sterilization is not socially acceptable.[1]


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