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VATS-Argon Beam Coagulator treatment of diffuse end-stage bilateral bullous disease of the lung.

Diffuse bullous disease of the lungs remains an unrelentless, debilitating, terminal disease. Intensive medical therapy can give transient relief of symptoms. Thoracotomy and resection has not always been successful and can be associated with an increased mortality and morbidity. Eight patients with end-stage bullous disease, unresponsive to medical therapy and not considered to be candidates for a thoracotomy, underwent unilateral video-assisted thoracic surgical ablation of bullae using the Argon Beam Coagulator. Six men and 2 women ranging in age from 28 to 71 years reported a decrease in dyspnea. Three patients restudied had an increase in forced expiratory volume in 1 second of 34%. Postoperatively, 7 patients had an air leak, pneumonia developed in 2 patients, and 3 patients had massive subcutaneous emphysema after parietal pleurectomy. Hospitalization averaged 13.6 days. All patients made a complete recovery, and each was subjectively improved. Steroid use decreased, oxygen requirements decreased, dyspneic episodes decreased, infections decreased, and endurance increased. In 3 patients with a limited follow-up evaluated postoperatively, video-assisted thoracic surgery and the Argon Beam Coagulator seemed to be beneficial for treating advanced, generalized bullous disease.[1]


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