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Effects of central and peripheral administration of arginine vasotocin and related neuropeptides on blood pressure and heart rate in the conscious trout.

The cardiovascular activity of neurohypophyseal peptides has been investigated in conscious trout bearing an intracerebroventricular guide cannula and a permanent intraarterial catheter. Changes in diastolic pressure, systolic pressure and heart rate were monitored during the 25-min period following intracerebroventricular or intraarterial administration of arginine vasotocin and related neuropeptides, including arginine vasopressin, oxytocin, hydrin-2, mesotocin, isotocin and conopressin-S. Intracerebroventricular injection of increasing doses of arginine vasotocin (0.62-5 pmol) induced a dose-dependent increase of diastolic and systolic pressures. The onset of the response occurred within 3-5 min after intracerebroventricular administration of arginine vasotocin and the maximal increase was reached at 10-15 min. Central administration of vasopressin and oxytocin induced a significant rise in diastolic and systolic pressures at a dose of 5 pmol while hydrin-2 only caused a significant elevation of blood pressure at a dose of 50 pmol. Central administration of mesotocin, isotocin and conopressin-S (5-500 pmol each) had no significant effect on blood pressure. No changes in heart rate occurred after intracerebroventricular injection of any of the seven neuropeptides tested. Intraarterial injection of arginine vasotocin (50 pmol) induced a significant rise in blood pressure and bradycardia. Peripheral injection of the other neuropeptides did not cause any modification of the cardiovascular activity, whatever the doses administered (5-500 pmol). The V1A receptor antagonist [d(CH2)5, Tyr(OMe)2]arginine vasopressin had no intrinsic effect on blood pressure and heart rate when injected centrally (50 pmol) or in the peripheral circulation (200 pmol). At the same doses, [d(CH2)5, Tyr(OMe)2]arginine vasopressin reduced by 50 and 66%, respectively, the increase in blood pressure evoked by intracerebroventricular (5 pmol) or intraarterial (50 pmol) injections of arginine vasotocin.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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