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Effect of human galanin on the response of circulating catecholamines to hypoglycemia in man.

Human galanin (hGAL) is a neuropeptide with 30 amino acid residues that has been found in the peripheral and central nervous system, where it often co-exists with catecholamines. In order to clarify the possible role of hGAL in the regulation of sympathoadrenomedullary function, the effect of a 60-min infusion of hGAL (80 on plasma epinephrine and norepinephrine responses to insulin-induced hypoglycemia in nine healthy subjects was investigated. Human GAL administration significantly reduced both the release of basal norepinephrine and the response to insulin-induced hypoglycemia, whereas it attenuated the epinephrine response by 26%, with the hGAL-induced decrease in epinephrine release failing to achieve statistical significance. Human GAL significantly increased the heart rate in resting conditions and clearly exaggerated the heart rate response to insulin-induced hypoglycemia, whereas it had no effect on the blood pressure. We conclude that GAL receptor stimulation exerts an inhibitory effect on basal and insulin-induced hypoglycemia-stimulated release of norepinephrine. These findings provide further evidence that GAL may modulate sympathetic nerve activity in man but that it does not play an important role in the regulation of adrenal medullary function.[1]


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