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Variation of Brucella abortus 2308 infection in BALB/c mice induced by prior vaccination with salt-extractable periplasmic proteins from Brucella abortus 19.

The study compared the immune and protective responses induced in BALB/c mice vaccinated with six salt-extractable periplasmic protein fractions (Brucella cell surface proteins [BCSP]) of Brucella abortus 19 and later challenge exposed with B. abortus 2308. BCSP70 was precipitated with ammonium sulfate at 70% saturation, and BCSP100 was precipitated with ammonium sulfate at 100% saturation by use of supernatant fluid of BCSP70 that had been precipitated with 70% ammonium sulfate. Four subfractions were separated from BCSP100 by anion-exchange high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL) from Salmonella typhimurium Re mutant strain was used as a potential immune response modifier in some vaccines. Reduced or increased numbers of CFU and increased spleen size in the principal groups of mice relative to that of the nonvaccinated control group were considered protectiveness or virulence (survival) criteria. Results indicated that vaccines prepared from BCSP70 and BCSP100 were moderately protective and immunogenic. The subfractions designated BCSP100-A through BCSP100-D purified by anion-exchange HPLC were not protective when MPL was not used as an immune response modifier. However, two subfractions were associated with significant (P < 0.05) increases in CFU per spleen and splenomegaly in vaccinated mice compared with those in nonvaccinated challenge-exposed mice. MPL enhanced protection or was neutral when used with BCSP70, BCSP100, BCSP100-C, and BCSP100-D. Serologic results of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay indicated that MPL modulated the immunoglobulin G responses induced by BCSP70, BCSP100, and subfraction BCSP100-B vaccines only. The overall results suggest that certain proteinaceous periplasmic fractions might serve as virulence or survival factors in B. abortus infections.[1]


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