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Effect of cyclic AMP and prostaglandin E2 on the induction of nitric oxide- and prostanoid-forming pathways in cultured rat mesangial cells.

Cyclic AMP (cAMP) represents an important cellular signalling molecule. We analysed the effect of dibutyryl cAMP (db-cAMP), a cell-permeable and stable derivative of cAMP, on the regulation and expression of cyclo-oxygenase 2, inducible NO synthase and argininosuccinate synthetase. We observed different transcriptional regulation of these enzymes depending on the db-cAMP concentration used. Low concentrations of db-cAMP in the range 10-50 microM elevated levels of cyclo-oxygenase 2 mRNA, protein and activity, but not the respective mRNA and protein concentrations of the inducible NO synthase or argininosuccinate synthetase. At higher concentrations a massive induction of the latter two enzymes was also apparent. Expression of prostacyclin synthase and argininosuccinate lyase, secondary enzymes of NO- and prostanoid-forming pathways, was not stimulated by db-cAMP. Prostaglandin E2, known to be an intracellular physiological trigger of cAMP formation, stimulated only cyclooxygenase 2 expression and activity at a concentration of 10 microM, and not inducible NO synthase. The induction of the mRNA for the transcription factors JunB and p65, a component of the NF kappa B complex, by prostaglandin treatment of the cells might be a possible mechanistic explanation for this observation.[1]


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