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Mesangial Cells

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Anatomical context of Mesangial Cells

  • We therefore examined the influence of platelet-activating factor (PAF), (a mediator of inflammation released from leukocytes) and of phagocytosis of zymosan on arachidonic acid metabolism and on cell contractility in rat glomerular mesangial cells in culture [20].
  • We show here that, contrary to the situation in T cells, FK506 activates transcription factor NF-kappaB in nonlymphoid cells such as fibroblasts and renal mesangial cells [21].
  • ET-1 (greater than or equal to 1 nM) reduced the cross-sectional area of rat mesangial cells cultured on three-dimensional gels of collagen type I. ET-1 also caused complex rearrangements of F-actin microfilaments consistent with a motile response [22].
  • These findings indicate that FN is an important constituent of the glomerulus, and they are compatible with the assumption that, in the glomerulus, as in cultured cells, FN is involved in cell-to-cell (mesangial-mesangial, mesangial-endothelial) and cell-to-substrate (mesangial cell-mesangial matrix, epithelium-GBM, endothelium-GBM) attachment [23].
  • Activated macrophages trigger mesangial cells to express an array of inflammation-associated genes via activation of NF-kappaB and AP-1 [24].

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