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Mutant rec-1 eliminates the meiotic pattern of crossing over in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Meiotic crossovers are not randomly distributed along the chromosome. In Caenorhabditis elegans the central portions of the autosomes have relatively few crossovers compared to the flanking regions. We have measured the frequency of crossing over for several intervals across chromosome I in strains mutant for rec-1. The chromosome is approximately 50 map units in both wild-type and rec-1 homozygotes, however, the distribution of exchanges is very different in rec-1. Map distances expand across the gene cluster and contract near the right end of the chromosome, resulting in a genetic map more consistent with the physical map. Mutations in two other genes, him-6 and him-14, also disrupted the distribution of exchanges. Unlike rec-1, individuals homozygous for him-6 and him-14 had an overall reduction in the amount of crossing over accompanied by a high frequency of nondisjunction and reduced egg hatching. In rec-1; him-6 and rec-1; him-14 homozygotes the frequency of crossing over was characteristic of the Him mutant phenotype, whereas the distribution of the reduced number of exchanges was characteristic of the Rec-1 pattern. It appears that these gene products play a role in establishing the meiotic pattern of exchange events.[1]


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