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rab3D protein is a specific marker for zymogen granules in gastric chief cells of rats and rabbits.

BACKGROUND & AIMS: Pepsinogen secretion from gastric chief cells requires a series of intracellular vesicle interactions. The final step of exocytosis involves fusion of secretory granules with the plasmalemma, culminating in the release of the digestive enzyme pepsinogen into the lumina of gastric glands. A group of specialized proteins tht confer membrane recognition, targeting, and fusion events are involved in regulated exocytosis. The aim of this study was to examine the distribution of rab3D, a low-molecular-weight guanosine 5'-triphosphate-binding protein, in gastric chief cells. METHODS: rab3D immunoreactivity was evaluated by Western blot analysis and by immunocytochemical studies at both confocal and electron-microscopic levels. RESULTS: rab3D immunoreactivity was specifically localized to the secretory granules in chief cells. Double labeling of gastric glands with rab3D and pepsinogen antibodies confirmed rab3D immunoreactivity localization to chief cells but not acid-secreting parietal cells. Immunoelectron microscopy revealed a near exclusive localization of the rab3D-like protein to the cytoplasmic face of the zymogen granules. After short-term stimulation consequent to feeding, rab3D immunoreactivity appeared to relocate from an apical region of duct cells to an unidentified cytoplasmic compartment. CONCLUSIONS: The localization and redistribution of the rab3D-like protein in the chief cell suggests that it may play an important role in regulated exocytosis.[1]


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