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Analysis of the platelet-type thrombin receptor in 20 cases of large granular lymphocyte proliferations.

The platelet-type thrombin receptor was expressed by large granular lymphocytes (LGLs) in a variety of proliferative diseases. Twenty patients with LGL proliferative disease were examined, including five T cell clones and a variety of polyclonal proliferations, some secondary to rheumatoid arthritis and Felty's syndrome; 17/20 showed high number of CD3+, CD8+, and CD57+ lymphocytes and 9/20 also had high numbers of CD16+ or CD 56+ positive lymphocytes. The thrombin receptor was present on more than 20% of the LGLs in 13/20 patients. The clonal T cell expansions showed the highest receptor expression with greater than 75% cells positive. Regression analysis of all 20 cases showed striking and highly statistically significant positive Spearman rank correlation between the proportion of thrombin receptor and CD57-positive LGLs (r = 0.56, P = 0.009). A negative correlation with CD56 was also found (r = -0.46, P= 0.043). Dual antibody flow cytometry showed the receptor was more often co-expressed with CD57 (64%) than with CD16 (19%) or CD56 (11%). The expression of the platelet-type thrombin receptor by LGLs of this phenotype raises the possibility of a functional role for thrombin in the pathogenesis of LGL proliferative diseases.[1]


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