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Rearrangement of the 5' cluster region of the BCL2 gene in lymphoid neoplasm: a summary of nine cases.

Rearrangement of the BCL2 gene with the immunoglobulin (IG) genes is the most frequent genetic abnormality in B cell lymphoid neoplasms. In the majority of cases, breakages occur at two breakpoint cluster regions; major breakpoint cluster (MBR) and minor cluster region (mcr). In a minority of cases with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), rearrangements involving the 5' flanking region of the BCL2 (5'-BCL2) have been reported. Here, we investigated 196 patients with NHL and 31 with CLL, with regard to rearrangement of the BCL2 gene. Hybridization analyses using probes representing the three cluster regions revealed that a total of 57 patients had a rearrangement of the BCL2; 42 (73.7%) were within the MBR, seven (12.2%) were within the mcr, and nine (15.8%) had a rearrangement at the 5'-BCL2. The nine patients with 5'BCL2 rearrangement included two with follicular lymphoma, four with diffuse large cell lymphoma and immunoblastic variant, two with leukemic phase of follicular lymphoma, and one with CLL. Comigration analysis with probes for the IG heavy chain gene (IGH), kappa-chain gene (IG kappa) and lambda-chain gene (IG lambda), demonstrated a 5'-BCL2/IGH junction at the JH region in four patients with NHL derived from follicular center B cell. Thus, the 5'flanking region is a third cluster for recombination between the BCL2 and IGH, which is closely associated with the development of follicular center cell lymphoma. Molecular cloning of a 5'-BCL2/IGH junction demonstrated recombination of the two affected genes in divergent orientation. A 5'-BCL2/IG kappa junction was observed in two patients with immunoblastic lymphoma, and one with CLL had a 5'-BCL2/IG lambda recombination. Two patients, including one with a BCL2-MBR/JH junction, lacked obvious recombination of the 5'-BCL2 with IG genes, suggesting the presence of a deletion at the 5'-BCL2. Our findings demonstrated heterogeneity not only in clinicopathological presentation of B cell disease with rearrangement of 5'-BCL2, but also in molecular lesions resulting from the rearrangement.[1]


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