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Allele-specific suppression of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae prp20 mutation by overexpression of a nuclear serine/threonine protein kinase.

The yeast PRP20 protein is homologous to the RCC1 protein of higher eukaryotes and is required for mRNA export and maintenance of nuclear structure. RCC1/PRP20 act as guanine nucleotide exchange factors for the nuclear Ras-like Ran/GSP1 proteins. In a search for prp20-10 allele-specific high-copy-number suppressors, the KSP1 locus, encoding a serine/threonine protein kinase was isolated. Ksp1p is a nuclear protein that is not essential for vegetative growth of yeast. Inactivation of the kinase activity by a mutation affecting the catalytic center of the Ksp1p eliminated the suppressing activity. Based on the isolation of a protein kinase as a high-copy-number suppressor, the phosphorylation of Prp20p was examined. In vivo labeling experiments showed that Prp20p is a phosphoprotein; however, deletion of the KSP1 kinase did not affect Prp20p phosphorylation.[1]


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