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Developmental regulation of murine integrin beta 1 subunit- and Hsc73-encoding genes in mammary gland: sequence of a new mouse Hsc73 cDNA.

A partial integrin beta 1 subunit-encoding cDNA ( Itg beta 1) and a new heat-shock protein 70-like-encoding cDNA (Hsc73) homologous to rat Hsc73 were cloned by differential display and RT-PCR from mouse mammary gland. Their developmental regulation during pregnancy, lactation and involution is reported. The Itg beta 1 mRNA content was stable in the first half of gestation, decreased to a minimum during lactation and increased markedly in early involution. Hsc73 gene expression was high in the first half of gestation and decreased to a minimum during lactation. The possible significance of the two observed patterns of expression is discussed.[1]


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