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A comparative study of the efficacy of 2.5% phenylephrine and 10% phenylephrine in pre-operative mydriasis for routine cataract surgery.

It is common practice in many ophthalmic units to administer multiple applications of 10% phenylephrine in combination with an anti-cholinergic agent to ensure adequate pupil mydriasis prior to routine cataract surgery. Phenylephrine is a pure alpha-1 adrenoreceptor agonist known to produce marked systemic vasoconstriction and associated hypertension with occasional profound reflex bradycardia. Many reviews have suggested caution in the use of 10% phenylephrine in the elderly or hypertensive patient. In a prospective, randomised trial we have assessed pupil dilation comparing the efficacy of 10% phenylephrine (53 patients) versus 2.5% phenylephrine (62 patients). When administered in conjunction with 1% cyclopentolate four times over 1 hour pre-operatively, 2.5% phenylephrine was found to be as effective as 10% phenylephrine in the initiation and maintenance of mydriasis during both extracapsular and phacoemulsification cataract extraction.[1]


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