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A Rad52 homolog is required for RAD51-independent mitotic recombination in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

With the use of an intrachromosomal inverted-repeat as a recombination reporter we have previously shown that mitotic recombination is dependent on the RAD52 gene. However, recombination was found to be reduced only 4-fold by mutation of RAD51, which encodes a homolog of bacterial RecA proteins. A rad51, which strain containing the recombination reporter was mutagenized to identify components of the RAD51-independent pathway. One mutation identified, rad59, reduced recombination 1200-fold in the presence of a rad51 mutation, but only 4- to 5-fold in a wild-type background. Thus the rad51 and rad59 mutations reduce recombination synergistically. The rad59 mutation reduced both spontaneous and double-strand-break-induced recombination between inverted repeats. However, the rate of interchromosomal recombination was increased in a rad59 homozygous diploid. These observations suggest that RAD59 functions specifically in intrachromosomal recombination. The rad59 mutant strain was sensitive to ionizing radiation, and this phenotype was used to clone the RAD59 gene by complementation. The gene encodes a protein of 238 amino acids with significant homology to members of the Rad52 family. Overexpression of RAD52 was found to suppress the DNA repair and recombination defects conferred by the rad59 mutation, suggesting that these proteins have overlapping roles or function as a complex.[1]


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