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Vitamin E and exercise in the Northern Ireland population.

Serum vitamin E, vitamin E/cholesterol and physical activity and fitness were examined in a representative cross section (n = 1600) of the Northern Ireland population as part of the Northern Ireland health and activity survey. Serum vitamin E levels were measured by high-performance liquid chromatography, cholesterol by an enzymatic method, physical activity profile was recorded by computer assisted interview and physical fitness was determined by estimation of VO2 max. The levels of serum vitamin E and vitamin E/cholesterol ratio in the Northern Irish population were similar or higher than in other populations with lower incidences of coronary heart disease. The assessment of activity showed that 75% of the population fell below recommended activity levels likely to confer a cardioprotective effect. A significant relationship (P = 0.01) was found in males between serum vitamin E levels and lifetime participation in physical activity. Otherwise no relationship was found between serum vitamin E or vitamin E/cholesterol ratio and physical activity or fitness in the population.[1]


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