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Carpal tunnel syndrome or trigger finger associated with neck injury in automobile accidents.

Among 450 patients examined for neck pain following automobile accidents, carpal tunnel syndrome ( CTS) was diagnosed in four and trigger finger (TF) in three. All seven patients sustained cervical sprains and were drivers or passengers in automobiles which received impacts from the rear. All seven patients reported the onset of hand symptoms during or shortly after the accident. This unusual occurrence, not previously reported, appears to be related to the events which occurred at the time of the accident. The mechanism of injury for CTS is hypothesized to be median nerve compression by momentary acute hyperflexion or hyperextension of the wrist(s), while tightly grasping the steering wheel or bracing for impact. The cause of TF is suspected to be direct trauma to the flexor tendon and sheath by compression against bony prominences when the finger is hyperflexed or hyperextended. This can occur during the accident while forcefully grasping the steering wheel with acutely hyperflexed fingers.[1]


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