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The use of an information leaflet for patients undergoing wisdom tooth removal.

Attempts to inform the patient about surgical procedures have increased for the purposes of ensuring informed consent and improving satisfaction with the service provided. Leaflets are being used as an additional aid in general practice and in hospital units. However, such written information is seldom evaluated. This study was conducted to assess the influence of using an information leaflet for patients attending oral surgery clinics at a local dental hospital. Sixty-six patients were included in the study and invited to complete a questionnaire to assess knowledge of wisdom tooth removal at the time of examination and just prior to surgery. The validity of the knowledge measure had been previously tested. At 1 month follow-up a patient satisfaction questionnaire was completed by the sample. Patients were randomised at the examination appointment into four groups. The first group was provided with the leaflet and prompted to read it by the dentist (WTL + Prompt). The second group was given the leaflet but not prompted (WTL only). The two other groups acted as controls. The third group was provided with a dental health education leaflet with no prompting (Control 1). The fourth and final group was given no additional written material (Control 2) but provided with verbal information and routine warnings in a similar way to all other groups participating in the study. The WTL + Prompt Group showed increased knowledge on retest (P < 0.001). The WTL Group showed a trend to greater knowledge (P < 0.06) however the control groups showed no improvement (P > 0.5). Patient satisfaction, although greatest in the group given a leaflet without prompting, was not simply related to leaflet provision.[1]


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