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Informed Consent

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  • The immunohistochemical distribution of AQP5 was compared in minor salivary gland biopsies obtained from women after informed consent: primary SS (53.2 +/- 14 years old, n = 10), healthy volunteers (46.2 +/- 17 years old, n = 10), patients with sarcoidosis (37 and 48 years old), and patients with non-specific sialoadenitis (54 and 61 years old) [25].
  • METHODS: After taking their informed consent, we determined TFPI concentrations in the plasma of healthy subjects (group I) (n = 15) (average age, 45.1 = 11.8 yr), cirrhotics (group II) (n = 16) (average age, 43.6 +/- 9.8 yr), and cirrhotics with portal vein thrombosis (group III) (n = 12) (average age, 42.6 +/- 10.7 yr) [26].
  • After institutional approval and written informed consent, patients scheduled to undergo coronary artery bypass grafting or valvular surgery were randomly allocated to receive amiodarone (3.4 g over 5 days or 2.2 g over 24 hours) or placebo before surgery [27].
  • Eligibility criteria included measurable disease, performance status 0-2, adequate bone marrow function, creatinine <1.5 mg%, bilirubin <1.5x institutional normal, SGOT/alkaline phosphatase <3x institutional normal, and signed informed consent [28].
  • METHODS: After informed consent and ethics committee approval, 64 patients were randomly allocated to four groups for intercostal nerve block (ropivacaine 2, 5, 7.5 or 10 mg ml-1 at the end of surgery) [29].

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