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Thoracoscopic pleurodesis with minocycline vs talc in the porcine model.

BACKGROUND: Eighteen adult pigs (Sus scrofa) underwent thoracoscopy and were placed into one of three groups: no sclerosant, talc pleurodesis, or minocycline pleurodesis. METHODS: Animals were then sacrificed at matched time intervals. Gross inspection of the pleural cavity estimated percentage of pleural symphysis (>25% was considered substantial) and allowed assignment of a pleurodesis score based on a scale described by Bresticker. Microscopic examination evaluated degree of fibrosis as mild, moderate, or severe. RESULTS: The talc group had significantly better pleurodesis than the minocycline group as determined by (1) the proportion of animals with substantial surface pleural symphysis (5/6 vs 1/6, p < 0.01), (2) a higher pleurodesis score (3 vs 1.3, p < 0.05), and (3) the proportion of animals with moderate fibrosis (5/6 vs 0/6, p < 0. 01). CONCLUSIONS: The authors conclude that instillation of aerosolized talc produces significantly better fibrosis and pleural symphysis than atomized minocycline in this animal model.[1]


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