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Disease relevance of Pleurodesis


High impact information on Pleurodesis


Chemical compound and disease context of Pleurodesis


Biological context of Pleurodesis


Anatomical context of Pleurodesis


Associations of Pleurodesis with chemical compounds

  • MAIN RESULTS: The 20 patients with low-pH malignant effusions had a significantly greater positivity on initial pleural fluid cytologic evaluation, a shorter mean survival, and a poorer response to tetracycline pleurodesis compared with 40 patients with normal-pH malignant effusions [1].
  • Since 1983 intrathoracic instillation of the anti-malaria drug mepacrine has been used to achieve pleurodesis [11].
  • Immunosuppressive treatment, diet, and underwater seal drainage led to a diminished volume of pleural fluid and pericardial fluid and to a diminished concentration of triglyceride in them; pleurodesis with tetracycline was then performed [24].
  • Chemical pleurodesis with mitoxantrone in the management of malignant effusions [25].
  • They can be divided into 2 major groups: systemic therapy (immunosuppressive therapy, plasmapheresis, and intravenous immunoglobulin) and local therapy (intrapleural steroid injections, pleurodesis with talc or tetracycline, and pleurectomy) [26].

Gene context of Pleurodesis

  • Furthermore, MMP-9 levels were variable; in fact, in some patients they were high at the beginning of treatment, in others they increased a few days after pleurodesis induction [27].
  • The levels of u-PA in patients who did not respond to chemical pleurodesis were significantly higher than those who had complete response (p=0.0001) [28].
  • RESULTS: At day 14, the pleurodesis score of the TGF-beta2 group (7.7+/-0.6) was similar to that of the talc (7.0+/-1.7) group and significantly higher than that of the bleomycin group (3.3+/-2.3; P < 0.05) [29].
  • The aims of the present study were to compare: (i) the effectiveness of TGF-beta2, talc and bleomycin in producing pleurodesis in sheep; (ii) the acute side-effects and systemic TGF-beta levels following the intrapleural administration of these agents; and (iii) histological changes after intrapleural injections of these agents [29].
  • Intrapleural instillation of TNF appears to be an effective method for achieving pleurodesis with relatively few side-effects and can be successful even after other methods have failed [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pleurodesis


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