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A cost analysis of the prevention of end-stage renal disease: immunoglobulin therapy for IgA nephropathy.

A cost analysis was used to evaluate three possible immunoglobulin (IgG) treatment protocols for end-stage renal disease due to IgA nephropathy. The perspective chosen for the cost analysis was that of the health-care delivery system. The baseline strategy was the absence of IgG treatment, and alternative strategies corresponded to three protocols presently on trial: all three included a high initial dose of intravenous IgG. Protocol 1 followed with intramuscular IgG injections only, protocol 2 with intramuscular plus intravenous injections, and protocol 3 with intravenous injections only. The costs of treatment included the costs of immunoglobulins, outpatient hospital costs, and the costs of tests; the saving (costs averted) resulted from kidney dialysis averted. The bottom line for the health-care system is a net savings of $233,000, $213,000, or $83,000, depending on the protocol chosen. The computation of costs did not value physical and psychological health benefits. Thus, any subjective benefit, such as improved comfort, or objective benefit, such as longer life expectancy, would be an improvement over the results presented here.[1]


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