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Immunization, Passive

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  • Interestingly, neither EGF antibody administration to newborn animals nor passive immunization of pregnant rodents against EGF has caused major deleterious effects (except the delay in epidermal maturation events), as might be expected from the in vitro studies [9].
  • Passive immunization against cachectin/tumor necrosis factor protects mice from lethal effect of endotoxin [10].
  • An alternative approach, active or passive immunization against Abeta, has received extensive pre-clinical validation in mice, but an effective preparation free of significant side effects in humans is still awaited [11].
  • Our data indicate that passive immunization with this anti-Abeta monoclonal antibody can very rapidly reverse memory impairment in certain learning and memory tasks in the PDAPP mouse model of AD, owing perhaps to enhanced peripheral clearance and (or) sequestration of a soluble brain Abeta species [12].
  • Anti-HMG-1 antibodies neutralized the delayed increase in serum HMG-1, and protected against endotoxin lethality, even when passive immunization was delayed until after the early cytokine response [13].

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  • In ex vivo electrophysiological studies of nerve terminal function, application of antibodies either ex vivo or in vivo via passive immunization induced massive quantal release of acetylcholine, followed by neurotransmission block [29].
  • The defective opsonization by C3-deficient serum in vitro was corroborated by in vivo studies in which passive immunization of pregnant dams with specific antibodies conferred protection from GBS challenge to normal and C4-deficient pups but not C3-deficient pups [30].
  • Active and passive immunization against angiotensin II in the rat and rabbit. Evidence for a normal regulation of the renin-angiotensin system [31].
  • Effect of combination treatment with cyclophosphamide and nonspecific passive immunization on a transplantable tumor in WKA rats [5].
  • Passive immunization of mice with a polyclonal sheep antiserum or a mAb raised against LC1 abolished the inhibitory action of dexamethasone whereas preimmune serum or control IgG were without significant effect [32].

Gene context of Immunization, Passive

  • Passive immunization with anti-IFN-gamma monoclonal antibody (MAb) conferred a dose-dependent protection against liver injury in this model [33].
  • This passive transfer of immunity, however, was abrogated by treatment of recipient mice with anti-IFN-gamma or anti-TNF-alpha at the time of challenge infection [34].
  • Recent studies have demonstrated that passive immunization of neonatal rats to GRF inhibited their somatic growth through the suppression of GH secretion [35].
  • Induction of IL-1ra and IL-8 by IVIg may contribute to the anti-inflammatory effects of immunoglobulin therapy in patients with autoimmune and systemic inflammatory disorders [36].
  • These effects were completely abated by a passive immunization with specific antibodies against erythropoietin. rHuEPO improved healing of burn wound through increased epithelial proliferation, maturation of the extracellular matrix, and angiogenesis [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Immunization, Passive


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