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Costs and Cost Analysis

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Disease relevance of Costs and Cost Analysis


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High impact information on Costs and Cost Analysis

  • A cost analysis of the lead-testing program in Orange County was conducted [8].
  • CONCLUSIONS: This cost analysis indicates that, regardless of the secondary treatment used for ulcer recurrence, initial therapy with antibiotics for H. pylori infection plus an H2-receptor antagonist provides the lowest costs per symptomatic cure [9].
  • Cost analysis may favor the use of one agent over another depending on the emetogenic challenge, dose of the 5-HT3 antagonists, and number of doses recommended [10].
  • Laboratory testing in rheumatoid arthritis patients taking disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs: clinical evaluation and cost analysis [11].
  • The use of alternative medical therapy may be a marker for care-seeking behavior associated with higher consumption of conventional medical resources in the absence of demonstrable additional morbidity and should be considered in future cost analyses of patients with SLE [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of Costs and Cost Analysis


Biological context of Costs and Cost Analysis


Anatomical context of Costs and Cost Analysis

  • A cost analysis of a testing strategy that used either total T4, free T4 index, or sensitive thyrotropin assay alone as the first-line thyroid test disclosed that to establish the patient's thyroid metabolic status would have cost $11,093, $14,536, and $24,902, respectively, using each test first [20].

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Gene context of Costs and Cost Analysis

  • DESIGN AND SETTING: The main analytical framework of the study was a cost-cost analysis comparing the total annual costs associated with the administration of etanercept and infliximab in adult RA patients [26].
  • However, several modeled cost analyses have suggested that COX-2 inhibitors are cost effective in subsets of patients because they are associated with fewer downstream costs, particularly medical and surgical treatment of gastrointestinal adverse effects [27].
  • Cost analysis of screening with prealbumin level projected a saving of $414 per patient screened [28].
  • A cost analysis of bone morphogenetic protein versus autogenous iliac crest bone graft in single-level anterior lumbar fusion [29].
  • MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: 1) Diagnostic yields of GJB2 screens, imaging, and laboratory results per SNHL category; 2) Cost analysis comparing a sequential versus a simultaneous testing approach [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Costs and Cost Analysis


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