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Molecular basis of alpha-methyltryptophan resistance in amt-1, a mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana with altered tryptophan metabolism.

A mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana, amt-1, was previously selected for resistance to growth inhibition by the tryptophan analog alpha-methyltryptophan. This mutant had elevated tryptophan levels and exhibited higher anthranilate synthase (AS) activity that showed increased resistance to feedback inhibition by tryptophan. In this study, extracts of the mutant callus exhibited higher AS activity than wild-type callus when assayed with either glutamine or ammonium sulfate as amino donor, thus suggesting that elevated AS activity in the mutant was due to an alteration in the alpha subunit of the enzyme. The mutant also showed cross-resistance to 5-methylanthranilate and 6-methylanthranilate and mapped to chromosome V at or close to ASA1 (a gene encoding the AS alpha subunit). ASA1 mRNA and protein levels were similar in mutant and wild-type leaf extracts. Levels of ASA1 mRNA and protein were also similar in callus cultures of mutant and wild type, although the levels in callus were higher than in leaf tissue. Sequencing of the ASA1 gene from amt-1 revealed a G to A transition relative to the wild-type gene that would result in the substitution of an asparagine residue in place of aspartic acid at position 341 in the predicted amino acid sequence of the ASA1 protein. The mutant allele in strain amt-1 has been renamed trp5-1.[1]


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