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Protease nexin 1 in the murine kidney: glomerular localization and up-regulation in glomerulopathies.

Protease nexin 1 (PN-1), a potent serpin-class antiprotease, is thought to be synthesized in the murine kidney. However, neither the cellular localization of PN-1 synthesis nor its role has yet been defined. To address these questions, we determined by in situ hybridizations RNase protection assay and immunoblotting, the sites of PN-1 mRNA accumulation in normal mouse kidneys and the modulation of PN-1 expression in several pathological conditions. In normal kidneys, PN-1 mRNA was detected primarily in glomeruli, most likely in mesangial cells. The glomerular expression of PN-1 was substantially enhanced not only in lupus-like glomerulonephritis (induced by IgG3 monoclonal rheumatoid factors or occurring spontaneously in lupus-prone mice), but also in mild glomerular lesions associated with intracapillary thrombi induced by IgG3 anti-trinitrophenyl monoclonal antibodies. In contrast, no modulation of PN-1 mRNA levels was observed during the course of lipopolysaccharide-induced acute tubular necrosis. A constitutive PN-1 gene expression and its up-regulation during glomerular injury suggest a possible role for PN-1 in glomerular biology. In view of its high inhibitory activity towards thrombin, mesangial PN-1 may be involved in the control of glomerular coagulation following initial glomerular injuries.[1]


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