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Effect of protection and repair of injury of mitochondrial membrane-phospholipid on prognosis in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy.

We have already proved that the mitochondrial membrane-phospholipid (MMP) injury changes of peripheral lymphocytes in patients with heart failure can be used as an injury indicator of myocardia, and are related to the long-term prognosis. In the present study, MMP localization of the peripheral lymphocytes was performed by modified Demer's tricomplex flocculation method, and we compared the changes, after classification, between the pre-treatment and the 12-week post-treatment, of coenzyme Q10 (Co.Q10) and captopril in 61 hospitalized patients with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). They were followed up for 16.1 +/- 7.8 months (mean). The results showed that compared with the placebo, Co.Q10 and captopril could significantly protect against and repair MMP injury and improve the heart function of patients with DCM after 12 weeks, and the 2-year survival rate rose significantly by 72.7% for Co.Q10, and 64.0% for captopril, vs 24.7% for placebo. As for Longrank test, X2 equals 4.660 and 6.318, respectively, with both p < 0.05. The aforementioned results indicate that MMP injury of peripheral lymphocytes can predict the prognosis of the patients with DCM, thus the protection and repairment of MMP injury can improve the life-quality and prolong the life-span of the patients.[1]


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