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Similarities in genetic mental retardation and neuroteratogenic syndromes.

Principles and mechanisms of neurobehavioral teratogenesis are used to show commonalities between manifestations of abnormal development consequent to genetic abnormality or teratogenic exposure. A comparison and contrast of both the neuropathological and neuropsychological characteristics of children with early embryonic exposure to isotretinoin (Accutane) or with selected mental retardation syndromes is presented. Putative mechanisms of retinoid teratogenesis through the disruption of normal retinoid-triggered embryogenesis and the alteration of homeobox gene expression are discussed. Interference with homeobox gene expression as an avenue to the perturbation of early developmental processes and the production of hindbrain and craniofacial abnormalities is then proposed as a common basis for the translation and expression of several genetic mental retardation syndromes. Finally, dose-response effects and other modulators of vulnerability to abnormal development are used to provide a conceptual framework for the understanding of variability in the expression of genetically caused abnormalities.[1]


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