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Capillary electrophoresis and supercritical chromatography, complementary and alternative techniques for the determination of urinary metabolites of styrene.

Two analytical methods without an extraction step were developed using capillary electrophoresis and supercritical fluid chromatography in order to determine phenylglyoxylic (PGA) and mandelic (MA) acids in urine, with minimum treatment and manipulation of biological samples. The urine was diluted ten-fold in acetonitrile and directly injected into the analytical systems after centrifugation. Analysis was performed by capillary electrophoresis on alkyl bonded phase capillary columns with sodium formiate (4 x 10(-2) M)-isopropanol (9:1, v/v) as a buffer, and by supercritical fluid chromatography on a Diol bonded phase silica column with ethanol-water-methanesulphonic acid (97.5:2.4:0.1, v/v) as coeluent of CO2. Detection of PGA and MA was performed by ultraviolet detection at 255 and 210 nm, respectively. The methods are in agreement, and are easily able to detect 5 mg/g creatinine for PGA, and 15 mg/g creatinine for MA, which are one twentieth of the lowest biological exposure index values.[1]


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