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Vagal branches involved in inhibition of bradykinin-induced synovial plasma extravasation by intrathecal nicotine and noxious stimulation in the rat.

1. Stimulation of cutaneous and spinal visceral nociceptive afferents and intrathecal nicotine reduces bradykinin-induced plasma extravasation (BK-induced PE) in the knee joint of the rat. This depression is mediated by the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and is potentiated by subdiaphragmatic vagotomy. It is believed that activity in vagal afferents tonically inhibits ascending impulse transmission in the neuraxis projecting to the hypothalamus. Vagotomy, by removing such inhibition, allows greater depression of BK-induced PE. In this study we determined whether the vagal afferents which negatively regulate activities of the HPA axis are present in all branches of the abdominal vagus nerves or only in specific branches. 2. We measured the depression of BK-induced PE elicited by graded stimulation of spinal visceral afferents with intraperitoneal capsaicin and by intrathecal nicotine in vagus-intact rats and in rats in which specific vagal branches were selectively interrupted. (i) Interruption of the coeliac branches mimicked the effect of total subdiaphragmatic vagotomy in potentiating the depression of BK-induced PE generated by intrathecal nicotine and by stimulation of spinal visceral afferents. (ii) Interruption of the gastric and hepatic branches of the abdominal vagus nerves together or individually did not affect the depression of BK-induced PE generated by the two stimuli. 3. These results indicate that afferent activity in coeliac and accessory coeliac vagal branches is involved in the regulation of the nociceptive system-initiated depression of BK-induced PE. The afferent fibres in these vagal branches involved probably monitor physiological events in abdominal visceral organs.[1]


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