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Isolation of a promoter region in mouse cytochrome P450 3A (Cyp3A16) gene and its transcriptional control.

An 11.5 kb fragment of the mouse Cyp3a16 gene containing the 5' flanking region was isolated from the lambda DASHII mouse genomic library. A part of the 5' flanking region and the first exon of Cyp3a16 gene were sequenced. S1 mapping analysis showed the presence of two transcriptional initiation sites. The first exon was completely identical to Cyp3a16 cDNA. The identity of 5' flanking sequences between Cyp3a16 and Cyp3a11 genes was about 69%. A typical TATA box and a basic transcription element (BTE) were found as seen with other CYP3A genes from various animal species Moreover, some putative transcriptional regulatory elements were also found in addition to the sequence motif seen for the formation of Z-type DNA. To examine the transcriptional activity of Cyp3a11 gene, DNA fragments in the 5'-flanking region of the gene were inserted front of the luciferase structural gene, and the constructs were transfected in primary hepatocytes. The analysis of the luciferase activity indicated that the region between -146 and -56 was necessary for the transcription of CYP3a16 gene.[1]


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