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Fatty acid uptake in diabetic rat adipocytes.

The effect of diabetic status and insulin on adipocyte plasma membrane properties and fatty acid uptake was examined. Studies with inhibitors and isolated adipocyte ghost plasma membranes indicated 9Z, 11E, 13E, 15Z-octatetraenoic acid (cis-parinaric acid) uptake was protein mediated. Cis-parinaric acid uptake was inhibited by trypsin treatment or incubation with phloretin, and competed with stearic acid. The initial rate, but not maximal uptake, of cis-parinaric acid uptake was enhanced two-fold in adipocytes from diabetic rats. Concomitantly, the structure and lipid composition of adipocyte ghost membranes was dramatically altered. However, the increased initial rate of cis-parinaric acid uptake in the diabetic adipocytes was not explained by membrane alterations or by a two-fold decrease in cytosolic adipocyte fatty acid binding protein (ALBP), unless ALBP stimulated fatty acid efflux. Thus, diabetic status dramatically altered adipocyte fatty acid uptake, plasma membrane structure, lipid composition, and cytosolic fatty acid binding protein.[1]


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