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Human retina-specific amine oxidase (RAO): cDNA cloning, tissue expression, and chromosomal mapping.

In search of candidate genes for hereditary retinal disease, we have employed a subtractive and differential cDNA cloning strategy and isolated a novel retina-specific cDNA. Nucleotide sequence analysis revealed an open reading frame of 2187 bp, which encodes a 729-amino-acid protein with a calculated molecular mass of 80,644 Da. The putative protein contained a conserved domain of copper amine oxidase, which is found in various species from bacteria to mammals. It showed the highest homology to bovine serum amine oxidase, which is believed to control the level of serum biogenic amines. Northern blot analysis of human adult and fetal tissues revealed that the protein is expressed abundantly and specifically in retina as a 2.7-kb transcript. Thus, we considered this protein a human retina-specific amine oxidase (RAO). The RAO gene (AOC2) was mapped by fluorescence in situ hybridization to human chromosome 17q21. We propose that AOC2 may be a candidate gene for hereditary ocular diseases.[1]


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