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Yrb2p, a Nup2p-related yeast protein, has a functional overlap with Rna1p, a yeast Ran-GTPase-activating protein.

The Ran-GTPase cycle is important for nucleus-cytosol exchange of macromolecules and other nuclear processes. We employed the two-hybrid method to identify proteins interacting with Ran and the Ran GTP/GDP exchange factor. Using PRP20, encoding the Ran GTP/GDP exchange factor, we identified YRB1, previously identified as a protein able to interact with human Ran GTP/GDP exchange factor RCC1 in the two-hybrid system. Using GSP1, encoding the yeast Ran, as bait, we isolated YRB2. YRB2 encodes a protein containing a Ran- binding motif similar to that found in Yrb1p and Nup2p. Yrb1p is located in the cytosol whereas Nup2p is nuclear. Similar to Yrb1p, Yrb2p bound to GTP-Gsp1p but not to GDP-Gsp1p and enhanced the GTPase- activating activity of Rna1p. However, unlike Yrb1p, Yrb2p did not inhibit the nucleotide- releasing activity of Prp20p. While overproduction of Yrb1p inhibited the growth of a mutant possessing a PRP20 mutation (srm1-1) and suppressed the rna1-1 mutation, overproduction of Yrb2p showed no effect on the growth of these mutants. Disruption of YRB2 made yeast cold sensitive and was synthetically lethal with rna1-1 but not with nup2delta. Nuclear protein import and the mRNA export were normal in strains possessing mutations of YRB2. We propose that Yrb2p is involved in the nuclear processes of the Ran-GTPase cycle which are not related to nucleus-cytosol exchange of macromolecules.[1]


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