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Expression analysis of mortalin, a unique member of the Hsp70 family of proteins, in rat tissues.

We have investigated the expression of mortalin in rat tissues by Northern analysis, RNA in situ hybridization, and immunohistochemical studies. By Northern assay, the highest level of expression was detected in brain, heart, and skeletal muscle followed by lung, liver, and kidney, and the least level of expression was detected in testis and spleen. RNA in situ and immunohistochemical studies showed that mortalin expression is significantly higher in upper nondividing layers than in the lower basal layers of skin, in neurons and nerve fibers than in surrounding glial cells in brain, in cardiomyocytes than in nonmyocytes in heart, and in interstitial secretory tissue than in germinating follicles in ovary. Such tissue- and cell-specific expression patterns of mortalin coordinates with its earlier reported antiproliferative function in normal cells. However, a deregulation of the expression is observed in rat brain tumor along with the detection of nonpancytosolic mortalin in rat glioma cell line C6. The study suggests that mortalin is involved in pathways that regulate division capacities of cells in vivo.[1]


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