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Chromosomal assignment of six muscle-specific genes in cattle.

Six genes expressed in skeletal or smooth muscle were assigned to bovine chromosomes using rodent, human or bovine cDNA probes. Myogenic determination factor (MYOD1) was 100% concordant with Bos taurus chromosome (BTA) 15, and myogenin ( MYOG) was 95% concordant with BTA 16. Smooth muscle caldesmon ( CALD1) and the skeletal muscle chloride channel gene ( CLCN1) were 100% concordant with BTA 4. Myogenic factor 5 ( MYF5) was 90% concordant with BTA 5; this assignment was confirmed by fluorescence in situ hybridization of a bovine genomic MYF5 probe to BTA 5 band 13 and the homologous band on river buffalo 4q. In some metaphases, specific hybridization signals were also observed on BTA 15 band 23, and the equivalent river buffalo homologue, with the MYF5 genomic probe. Because MYOD1 and MYF5 share both nucleotide and functional homology and because MYOD1 was mapped in somatic cell hybrids to BTA 15, we suggest that MYOD1 may be located at BTA 15 band 23. Herculin/ myogenic factor 6 ( MYF6) was assigned indirectly to BTA 5 by the hybridization of MYF5 and MYF6 probes to the same HindIII fragment in bovine genomic DNA. The assignment of MYF6 to BTA 5 is consistent with the tandem arrangement of MYF5 and MYF6 in human, mouse and chicken, where these tightly linked genes are separated by < 6.5 kb of DNA.[1]


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