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Genotoxicity of six pesticides by Salmonella mutagenicity test and SOS chromotest.

Two in vitro tests (Ames test and SOS chromotest), one for bacterial mutagenicity and one for primary DNA damage, were assayed to determine the genotoxic activity of 6 pesticides (atrazine, captafol, Captan, chlorpyrifosmethyl, molinate and tetrachlorvinphos). Assays were carried out both in the absence and presence of S9 fractions of liver homogenate from rat (Sprague-Dawley) pretreated with Aroclor 1254. Captan and captafol were genotoxic on both the Ames test and the SOS chromotest. Comparisons with mutagenesis data in Salmonella indicated that the SOS assay detected as genotoxic the pesticides that were mutagenic on the Salmonella test. Non-genotoxic effects were not detected in vitro either in the Salmonella/microsome assay nor in the SOS chromotest when bacterial tester strains were exposed to atrazine, molinate, chlorpyrifosmethyl and tetrachlorvinphos in the absence or presence of S9 mix.[1]


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