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Interstitial MR lymphography using Gd-carrying liposomes.

The detection of metastasis in lymph nodes is greatly enhanced by the use of contrast media. Interstitial injection of lymphography contrast agents requires only injection of a low dose of the agent, and leads to high accumulation in regional lymph nodes with only minor side effects. We were able to show the suitability of liposome-encapsulated gadobutrol as an interstitially injectable lymphography contrast agent in an experimental animal model. For screening of possible lymphotrophic compounds a guinea pig model was used. Accumulation of the contrast agent in 3 successive lymph node groups was determined 4 h after subcutaneous injection of the contrast agent (about 0.1 ml of a 30 mmol Gd/l solution resulting in a total dose of 10 mumol/kg) into the interdigital skin fold of a hind limb. The Gd concentration in the first lymph node group (popliteal) was 540 mumol/l (16% dose/g tissue), in the second group (inguinal): 260 mumol/l (8% dose/g tissue), and in the third group (iliac): 910 mumol/l (27% dose/g tissue). Moreover, this compound was completely eliminated and well tolerated.[1]


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