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The molecular basis of X-linked deafness type 3 (DFN3) in two sporadic cases: identification of a somatic mosaicism for a POU3F4 missense mutation.

We have investigated two unrelated males with X-linked deafness type 3 (DFN3) for mutations in the POU3F4 gene. In one patient, we observed a mutation that is predicted to result in an Arg330Ser amino acid substitution. In another DFN3 patient, a somatic mosaicism for an Arg323Gly amino acid substitution was found. This mosaicism was detected in two independently established EBV immortalized B cells and peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBLs). Semiquantitative analysis showed that approximately 50% of the PBLs of this patient carry the mutation. We hypothesize that the Arg323Gly mutation occurred very early in embryogenesis, before the differentiation of cells involved in hematopoiesis and inner ear development. In both patients, the missense mutations are situated in the POU homeodomain and are predicted to disrupt the DNA binding of the POU3F4 protein. All nine point mutations thus far described were found in the POU domains of POU3F4. Since these domains constitute only 35% of the open reading frame of POU3F4, there is a statistically significant preference for mutations in the POU-specific and POU homeodomain.[1]


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