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Suppression of MHC class II expression by human class II trans-activator constructs lacking the N-terminal domain.

The class II trans-activator (CIITA) is a bi- or multi-functional domain protein which plays a critical role in the expression of MHC class II genes. We report that removal of the N-terminal 151 amino acids, encompassing all of the acidic domain but leaving intact the proline/serine/threonine-rich domain, results in a mutant protein with potent suppressive properties for MHC class II expression. HeLa cells stably or transiently transfected with mutant CIITA constructs showed up to 99% suppression of MHC class II antigen induction by IFN-gamma and marked suppression of HLA-DRA mRNA expression. Transient transfection of a B lymphoma line resulted in up to 89% reduction of constitutive MHC class II expression within 5 days and suppression of HLA-DRA mRNA synthesis.[1]


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